About us:

your Wedding Experts in Salzburg

Our team consists exclusively of professionals with many decades of experience in the planning and execution of weddings and events of all kinds. Our music department works only with the best ensembles of the most renowned orchestras in Austria and Germany, for example, the »Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg« or the »Camerata Salzburg«.

For the on-site support we have specially trained staff of the best tourism school in Austria available.

Any request, even if it is unusual at first glance, can be fulfilled by our »Firstclass-Team«!


Full-Service Agentur Dreirad

The Full-Service Marketing Agency Dreirad aus Salzburg offers everything you need for your Firstclass-Wedding.
From one single source you get all kinds of printing works such as invitations, savethedates, menus, booklets and much more to professional Photography and Movie Productions and Drone Pictures as well as Websites, Pictures Websites and much more.

The Crew consits out of 6 creative heads and 4 labrador dogs located in Salzburg, Austria

more Information: www.agentur-dreirad.at

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